We are looking forward to our final concert June 14 at 3pm in Geneseo Central Presbyterian Church.  The choir has really enjoyed the magic of Holst and Mendelssohn preparing all  the choral parts from Midsummer Night’s Dream with soloists from the choir, and the 2nd of the third set of Rig Veda, Hymn to the Waters.  To compliment this we have selections from Bernstien’s Peter Pan, Mozart’s Magic Flute,  Verdi’s Falstaff  as well as our own Elfin Processional aka Lord of the Rings. Guest artists will be Barbara Dechario, harp and Tiffany Ho, soprano.  Reserve the date and bring friends and family for an afternoon of legends, myths and magical creatures (elves, fairies, sprites, mermaids).  The concert is free.